Accessing Your Subconscious

Our subconscious is a powerful warehouse that continuously operates behind the scenes, even when we are asleep. Some psychologists have gone on to say that our subconscious is 30,000 times more powerful than our conscious mind. The key is to harness the maximum possible powers of your subconscious mind so that we can achieve our goals and maintain harmony with ourselves and our relationships in life.
So, the question arises – how can we consciously access our subconscious? To answer this we must first understand how the conditioning of the mind takes place.

Calm Your Mind

We live in the information age. We are being bombarded by information from all directions. Thanks to the social media and other apps. Sitting in the comfort of our home, we can get to know what’s happening internationally. And to add to it, there is a component of our regular life’s struggles, tensions that are present.
In the midst of this, how can we calm our mind? You might wonder that it is easier said in theory than achieve results in the practical world. But if we had to keep this approach, then many discoveries that have happened in the 21st century would not have happened. These discoveries are a result of the combination of a calm mind, thoughtful habit and consistent action.


Once we calm our mind, then the next step is to visualize. For this we need to consciously believe in what we want to achieve in life with all our emotions and feelings. These dreams may be materialistic or otherwise. We can pray to achieve harmonious relationships, to achieve world peace or anything else. And it is important to have a strong burning desire and be emotionally involved in our dreams. This process promotes positive feelings in our subconscious and it fuels our mind’s conditioning. This can be easily understood by visiting this website. These folks have done a great job in discussing visualization’s role by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind.


Being consistent is of utmost important for paradigms to form. Paradigms, in simple words, may be referred to as habits. People are a product of their habits and most of these habits are deep rooted within the mind. So when we talk about replacing a (negative) habit with another (positive habit), it is actually tough for people to do so. People go to the extent of saying that “it is impossible!” (which is not so). It will definitely take time to get over an existing habit (or habits) and reform oneself and act instinctively as per a new habit, but most verily it will happen.
Consistency is the single greatest factor (besides other aspects) that helps people achieve their desires. It involves taking action, against your will (and inner voice) and overcoming all mentality-related obstacles and doing what is good for you Vs what is convenient. And once you are able to form one new paradigm in your subconscious, then you just have to rinse and repeat the process for others. Then you will be said to have control over your mind.
All this will take time, but if you practice these three steps, then you will definitely be able to access your subconscious mind at will and replace any existing habit in no time.